North Carolina Fencers League

North Carolina Fencers League



The North Carolina Fencing League (NCFL) was formed to provide high school fencers in North Carolina with the opportunity to compete with fencers from other North Carolina High Schools in an environment that values honesty, integrity, and sportsmanship. High School fencing in North Carolina is a fast-growing activity, currently supported through the high schools as an athletic club. The North Carolina Fencing League is expanding, with new high school fencing clubs being added regularly.

The North Carolina Fencing League wishes to eventually attain sanctioning by the North Carolina High School Sports Association, making fencing a varsity high school sport in North Carolina.

Rules & Procedures

  1. The League will be administered by an elected Board of Directors. 
  2. The Board shall consist of 5-9 members (parents or other interested parties, but may not be acting league coaches) one of whom will act as Chairman/Commissioner of the League.
  3. Board members will be elected by the voting membership (the acting coaches) and will serve for a term of 12 months (August 1st - July 31st).
  4. Board members may serve multiple terms.
  5. The Board will be responsible for the administrative functions of the league: scheduling, compiling results, venues, dues, publicity, etc.
  6. ​The Board will develop and implement policies or programs that will assist in fulfilling the mission statement. 
  7. The Board will, as much as practical, use the rules of the NCHSSA as a guides for league operations.
  8. Any proposed changes must be approved by both the Board and a 3/4th majority of the voting membership.
  9. The voting membership is defined as one representative of each team that meats the current standards for participation.