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The North Carolina Fencing League (NCFL) was formed to provide high school fencers in North Carolina with the opportunity to compete with other fencers & schools in an environment that values honesty, integrity, and sportsmanship.  High School fencing in North Carolina is a fast-growing activity, currently supported through high schools as an athletic club. The North Carolina Fencing League is expanding, with new high school fencing clubs being added regularly.

The North Carolina Fencing League strives to attain sanctioning by the the North Carolina High School Sports Association to making fencing a varsity sport option for any high school. 

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Our Mission

The North Carolina Fencing League was established to promote the sport of fencing in High Schools across North Carolina.

Over the last 16 years, fencing has grown by leaps and bounds in our state.  Clubs from all over our state have teenagers competing within the League.  Our program's goal is to establish varsity clubs in high schools.  This will expose our sport to a larger population and allow for more competition within this peer group.

Achieve Your Goals

Interested in starting a Fencing club or team?

Contact us, we can help you! 

NCFL coaches are dedicated to teaching the sport of fencing and are ready to help others in the sport join our league.   

We continue to GROW larger every year!

 The League is beginning its 9th Season! And participation includes 20+ schools and approximately 200 fencers! 

A Winning Philosophy

We serve High School teams at all skill levels, and we support Middle School club participation.  

By being open to learners and more experienced fencers alike, we are intent on growing demand for fencing in High School and College.  


While very competitive, we support each other to make fencing great across the state.  NCFL works every day to better our fencers, our teams, our community, and our sport.